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Top 10 contact lenses for Halloween 2014

Top 10 contact lenses for Halloween 2014 - Halloween is one of the most celebrated seasons of the year and enjoyed by everybody worldwide, it is now fast approaching us, so as the days count down you need to think fast and have all your Halloween preparations to the ready, that includes your thought out costume and props,

Unlike other popular holidays Halloween always seems to be quick and can leave a few of us short on time to act, We have gathered the figures so far for this year on the Top 10 selling contact lenses on the run up to Halloween along with a few ideas to help assist you.

Bezerker Contact Lenses
These contacts always seem to do well at Halloween, maybe it’s the colors of white and red as they look really scary upon the eyes, or maybe it’s because they suit a wide range of Halloween costume and make-up like zombies, vampires and demons just to mention a few, either way they are still an awesome style of contact lens and pack frightening results.

Basic White Co…

Get the same eyes as Naruto and the clan

Get the same eyes as Naruto and the clan - Naruto has a massive fan base and if you’re a lover of the popular anime series then you’ll no doubt have your favourite character with their distinctive powers.
Coming with the territory of Naruto is the past time of cosplay. Who doesn’t love dressing as a favourite character from their favourite television series? Now you can even put those finishing touches to your outfit with our wide range of Naruto Special Fx contact lenses. In a series such as Naruto it’s all about the eyes. They tell a story about the person who has them and also holds great powers. Perhaps it’s all about Kakashi for you, and let’s face it, he is one of the popular characters. Our Kakashi Mangekyou contact lenses will transform your eyes into the leader of Team 7. When he is first introduced initially he appeared to be somewhat weak and often appearing late for appointments. However, his true strength is displayed when it comes to testing and teaching his …

How to Wear Black & Blue Contacts Correctly

You just ordered your new contact lenses and you’re excited! Soon you will have black contacts or blue contacts (or both) that enhance your appearance and meet your vision needs. Just be sure you understand how to wear your new contacts correctly and take care of them. Only Use Clean Hands Firstly, before you handle your contacts always wash your hands. This tip applies to both insertion and removal of your contact lenses. Otherwise, debris from your fingers may wind up on the black contacts, which can irritate your eyes and make them uncomfortable to wear. Dry your hands with a lint-free towel before touching the contact lenses.
How to Fix Folded Contact Lenses Do not get anxious if you open the case for your blue contacts and they are inside out or folded. Instead, place the colored contact in the palm of your hand and apply lens solution over it. A few drops of solution will do. Then, softly roll the lens the right way. If the lens is inside out, it will be cup-shaped when you look at…

Sharingan Contacts: Transform into Your Favorite Manga Character

With amazing sharingan contact lenses, you can become a range of manga heroes! The designs are just like you see in the series and are a central part of your cosplay costume throughout the year or on special occasions like Halloween.

Take Your Costume to the Next Level Sharingan contacts take your appearance up a notch. You might choose to be Itach Uchiha of the manga series Naruto or designs. Or, maybe Dueba / Barbie has all of the individuality that you want in your lenses. The latest designs at Queen Contacts give you many possibilities! There are also timeless costume possibilities with the: ·Funky Zebra,Funky Yellow Werewolf, andFunky Zombie choices! Become your character from head to toe. Your friends and family will be amazed by the level of detail you were able to achieve at the party or another fun event.

About the Sharingan Eyes If you are new to the sharingan world, then let us give you an overview of the importance of the sharingon eyes of Danzo, Itachi, Madara, and many more. …

Get the same beautiful eye colors as Rihanna herself by wearing contact lenses

If there was ever an award for being a trend setter in the past 10 years it would have to be given to Rihanna, from her make-up, clothing, music and her overall attitude to life and the fashion world, she has won our hearts over and over again, catching the attention of the whole wide world,
Now for the one thing that gets asked quite a lot over these years it is "does Rihanna wear contact lenses", the answer is "yes", not all the time though, she has been noticed in various photo shoots for magazines sporting normal color contact lenses right through to special effect contact lenses with the medusa shoot she did which was pretty spectacular, she also uses contact lenses to boost her eye color rather than change it totally, and tends to choose contacts similar to her own eye color using greens and hazel, and also contact lenses with beauty boosting rings around the outer edge, The Natural Look A popular pair you may see Rihanna wearing are the "Gree…