Halloween Contacts and Special Effects Contact Lenses

Halloween Contacts are a firm favorite amongst the devoted fans of the holiday who like to dress for the occasion. Theatrical contact lenses add an edge to your costume that may be missing otherwise. We have a great selection of halloween contact lenses and special effects contact lenses to suite every budget. To complete your vampire costume we recommend our Red Vampire, LeStat or Louis Contacts.
The stunning Blue Angelic halloween contacts are some of our most popular halloween lenses. Red Twilight, Black Sclera and White Zombie - White Out costume contacts are also very popular for Halloween party costumes. For a really freaky look try the Banshee, Inferno or Pinhead - Blackout special effects contacts. Our in-house artists have created this great selection of movie quality special effects contact lenses especially for you. 
For this year we have added 12 new halloween contact lenses designs to our already impressive list of theatrical contacts. We are especially excited about the new range of colors that the Angelic design comes in. We have added Dark Angel a red and black design, Earth Angel a green and black design and Fire Angel a yellow and black design all based on our best selling Angelic FX lenses design. We have also added the entire range of Rave lenses which glow a bright neon color under black light. The Rave Halloween contacts come in Green, Yellow, Blue and Pink. You can't go wrong with dressing up as a Zombie for Halloween so we have also added the Blue Selenee, Pure Green and Pure Yellow pastel colored halloween contact lenses to complement the White Zombie and Black Angel contacts that are such overwhelming favorites at this time of year. Keep an eye out for the Sparkles and Sexy eyes range as well. 

To help inspire our customers to costume greatness this year we have created a group of twelve original rogue characters that inhabit the city of Dystopia. Among them are two powerful Vampires named Dimitri and Natasha, a Gangster Zombie maned Eddie "Body Bags", a crazy Clown known as "The Heckler", Layla a Sexy Egyptian lady, two beautiful but deadly Elementals named Blaze and Tempest, a Dark Rider named Vago and more. To show our customers what our Halloween Contacts look like on real characters we shot many photos and video clips of them wearing real Special Effect Contact Lenses. We have also added a whole new range of Sexy Lenses called Sexy Nova. These are beautifully vibrant three halloween color contact lenses which will definitely bring out your sexy side this season.

Browse our monster sized catalog and you will agree, you have arrived at the internet's premiere halloween contact lens superstore. Our haunted warehouse is full and we are dying to bring out the "monster" in you this halloween. Whether you want to be a Vampire like LeStat, a Lycan Werewolf, an Anime Ninja from Naruto, a member of the walking Undead Zombie mob, a cut throat Caribbean Pirate or some other frightening fiend you have absolutely come to the right place.

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