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Halloween Contact Lenses Tips and Trends

Halloween Contact Lenses Tips and Trends - Happy Halloween!!!!! Oh wait, too soon wasn't it..? O.k then, I guess that’s still fine because now you have a chance to become creative with your costume ideas. Here, I’ve written about some that you could use in your brainstorm and tips on how to use them safely. One word for you, Decorative contact lenses. O.k, maybe that’s 3 words... Anyways, decorative contact lenses, otherwise known as Halloween contact lenses or Special effects contact lenses are mainly used in films, television programs, theaters and rock concerts.  Nowadays, they are also available to people of all walks of life at very affordable prices.  The contact lenses are available in almost all kinds of colors, shapes and forms, to name a few are red eyed alien, green eyed reptile, zebra stripes, flowers, stars etc. 
Latest trends and styles Some of the latest trends and styles include: hypnotic spirals, wolf eyes, eagle eyes, flames, all black, bloodshot eyes, all white e…

Demonic White Contact Lenses

Whilst there are endless choices of contact lenses readily available we thought we'd attract your attention to a pair of contact lenses that are causing a some what buzz, The contact lenses in question are "Demonic White", unlike normal contact lenses where you have a pupil hole to help you see what's going on whilst wearing them Demonic White does not, strange you might ask yourself, but this is done on purpose to help create super special effects,
The effects with no pupil hole mean your whole eye is covered white as if you have no eye color, yes the lenses do restrict you vision but that's nothing when you want to create perfect photo's for photography close ups with out having to edit a photo, or a close up shot whilst shooting a movie,
Not just restricted to professional use, there is a endless craze going on for these contacts right now with the wearers wearing just one Demonic lens at a time so they can still maintain full vision with thei…

Home Remedies For Dark Circles

Home Remedies For Dark Circles - Dark circles are one of most common beauty complaints. There are many products available in market for preventing or curing dark circles. Many men and women spend a lot on such chemical based products for treating dark circles. However, dark circles can be treated efficiently using home remedies too. Read on and find how you can take care of the dark circles using some simple home remedies. Ample of reasons like pimples, dark spots, dirt could spoil the charm of your face. One of them is dark circles. Dark circles or eye circles are black circle caused below your eye. Dark circles are the most common non-hormonal problem which can occur to any individual. However, it does not cause any harm to your body but it makes that part of the skin under your eyes darker than the rest.
Dark circles are the most common beauty complaints. The skin below our eyes is very thin and delicate; and thus gets affected easily. When we go out in the sun, this skin tends to …

Get Sharingan Contacts and Flaunt an Awesome Eye Color

If you were a Sasuke fan on the highly popular animation series, Naruto, getting sharingan eyes will not be less than a dream coming true for you. For those who do not have the entire knowhow, the story is the members of the Uchiha clan possessed sharingan eyes, a naturally occurring genetic eye technique. sharingan eyes get activated in a stressful situation and develops in three stages. Each stage instigates a new set of power and abilities of the individual. Coming back to reality, these three eye forms that appear in the three stages of development of the sharingan eyes is a hit among every Naruto fan. Changing their eyes into sharingan eyes with sharingan contacts is like reliving the moments of something that used to be your most-loved anime series. Other than that, it also gives them an opportunity to flaunt an awesome-looking eye.  Following are the three sharingan eye variations:One Comma – Sharingan partially activated The normal pupil of both the eye turns into red and deve…