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Choose Right Kajal For Your Eyes

Choose Right Kajal For Your Eyes - Applying kajal is a must to make your make-up complete. Kajal enhances beauty of eyes and make them look beautiful and expressive. However, as your eyes are very sensitive, you must be very careful while buying kajal. Read on to know more about how you can choose right kajal for your eyes. Kajal is an integral part of a woman’s makeup kit. It is in use since hundreds of years and it helps accentuate the eyes and give is a distinct look. Sometime you can even do without other makeup and simply a kajal will help you get a distinctive appearance. There are many ways in which kajal is applied and it depends on the woman, the area in which she lives, the profession that she follows and some other factors as well.
Few decades back, women used to prepare kajal at home. But today you have lot of brands that offer kajal and that too in various colors and styles. Tips to Choose the Right Kajal
It is good to buy kajal manufactured by a renowned company. There are…

Take Care Of Your Contact Lenses

You contact lenses require regular cleaning to avoid eye problems. Learn some helpful tips for taking care of your eyes and cleaning your contact lenses.
If you are a contact lens user it is very important that you take proper care of your lenses so that your precious set of eyes remains protected. Contact lenses are subject to daily wear and tear that may increase micro organisms and deposits in it.

Not cleaning contact lenses regularly may result in increase in the layer of the deposits and absorbed material on the surface. This may result in discomfort and affect vision. To know how to keep your contact lenses clean and durable, continue reading.

Tips for basic care of your lenses Here are some tips which are useful for the basic care of your contact lenses. This forms the basis of lens care regime. So tonight when it is time to take off your lenses the following tips will make taking care of lenses easier and simpler. ·Avoid moisturizing or using antibacterial soap when washing your ha…

Eye Exercise

Eye Exercise - What do you do to keep your eyes healthy and your vision strong? Here is the way to maintain the health of your eyes by doing eye exercises. Look up, look down  Look up towards the roof. Hold the position for three counts. Now look down towards the floor. Repeat these eye movements for five times and then close your eyes and relax. Blink your eyes for several times and then close your eyes for a few seconds. You are ready to move on to second exercise.
Look left, look right  Look left and count three, now look right. Repeat the movements for three times and relax. Blink your eyes. You can also place two guiding points to the left and right sides. Hold two pencils in both your hands at same distance. These points will guide you to keep moving your eye while sustaining equal speed.
Look at the corners  Same as first two exercises, this exercise too includes eye movements. Look at the upper corner of your right eye and then look at the lower corner of your left eye. Repeat th…

Colored Contact Lens

Colored Contact Lens - You change the color of your eyes without surgery. There are many companies endorsing this colored lenses in the market. This may be available for higher cost but are used to enhance the beauty of eyes. Talk with your doctor  First of all, you need a prescription to buy even cosmetic Plano lenses. Plano lenses are those which have no power and will not enhance your vision in any way. Recently in the USA, the FDA seized a shipment of Plano lenses as they felt that they could cause injury if worn without a doctor's prescription.
While there are many companies which will allow you to buy contacts on your own, it is neither advisable nor safe. Moreover, it becomes imperative to do this if you already have an issue with your vision.
Choosing the right color  Once you've made up your mind that you are going in for lenses, the next question is which color to choose. This is a matter of personal choice and may depend upon how dramatic you want the effect to be. Ju…

Watch Your Social Life Transform with Contacts in Blue or Black

Stand out from the crowd with blue or black contacts! The options are endless with various patterns and shades available from Queen contacts, the most affordable choice for buying contact lenses online.

Have you ever wished you had blue eyes or been told by a guy that you would look so much better with darker eyes? Perhaps you do not like your natural eye color or long for a more glamorous look. In any of these cases, the solution can be as easy as wearing colored contact lenses.

Enhance Your Appearance Transform your look instantly! Get big, dramatic eyes with Dueba Bella Blue contact lenses. The flowered pattern of the lenses will catch the attention of anyone you want. The contacts combine blue and black, with the flower design giving your eyes a wide, beautiful effect.

Or, perhaps you want black contact lenses instead and choose the GEO Ultra Magic Circle contacts. The pattern resembles webbing and graduates your original eye color with black. Your eyes look so pretty, enhancing not…

Sparkling Your Eyes

Sparkling Your Eyes - Your eyes are the windows to your soul. And healthy, sparkling eyes are the sign of a well-adjusted, happy, human being. Not need to say that this is a very attractive quality as well as a sign of true beauty.

Now how does one go about achieving this it's quite simple really. One must try to remain calm and relaxed in the most adverse circumstances. Life does not always go the way we want, but always works out best in the long run. If we are accepting and content with our lot then our path automatically smoothens out. But this is the way to true inner beauty.

The easiest way is through make-up. You can always emphasize or intensify the shape and color of your eyes with the help of a kohl pencil, eyeliners and eye shadows. But the best way to maintain that inner sparkle is to take care of your health. Avoid long hours and do not over strain your eyes.

How Should We Avoid Eye-Strain
One of the most common causes of eyestrain is inadequate lighting while reading …

Dark and dramatic eyes look great

Dark and dramatic eyes look great on any woman, no matter what her complexion. Here is how to get that perfect smoky-eyed look! 
Dampen your brush and carefully outline your eyes (up and down) with black power eye shadow.If you don’t have a stark black eye-shadow, you could outline your eyes with a   black pencil.Sweep blackish-grey eye shadow lightly over your eyelids, and blend into the black outline to soften the effect.Apply a light brown or gold eye shadow on the inside of your eyelids, blending it outwards.Apply a blue or grey eye pencil on your upper and lower eyelids, over the black outline.Apply a thin line of black liquid eyeliner, to make your eyes stand out further.For beautiful lashes, use an eyelash curler to curl them upwards and open your eyes. Hold your lashes gently with the curler for at least 30 seconds and then apply mascara immediately.Apply at least two coats of mascara to your eyelashes. When applying mascara, remember to emphasize the roots of your lashes. Hold…

Tips Of Applying Mascara

Tips Of Applying Mascara - Applying mascara is an important part of eye make-up. Mascara helps to improve the beauty of eyes. Beautiful eyes help to enhance the beauty of your face. However, you need to know how to apply it properly. Read on to know more about how to apply mascara. Eyes are the first things that come in contact with anyone when you meet. When it comes to talking about makeup eye makeup has great significance. Mascara is one of the most popular and well-liked beauty products. It is available in varieties in the market. Mascara not only defines and gives attraction to your eyes, it also offers color to your eyes. In addition to this if you want it can even highlight or embellish your eyes also. There are different ways in which you can highlight or enhance your eyelashes. Follow these tips and learn how to apply mascara in different ways. 
Steps for Applying Mascara  First select the right mascara that is suitable for your eyelashes and the occasion. It depends upon your …

Black Wolf Contact Lenses just like Jacob the werewolf

Werewolves, vampires and zombies; all three are very popular in the world of movies and television at the moment, perhaps none more so than the Twilight series. Depicting a love story involving both vampires and werewolves the Twilight series tells the story of Isabella “Bella” Swan, played by Kristen Stewart who falls in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson. The love between Bella and Edward is not simple as Jacob Black becomes involved and competes with Edward for the affections of Bella.  Played by Taylor Lautner Jacob is a Native American of the Quileute tribe and is able to undergo transformations that enable him to morph into a wolf. It is not until the second in the series entitled “New Moon” that Jacob and his werewolf alter self make an appearance as he forms a strong friendship with Bella. During this time it is apparent that there is strong rivalry between the vampires and werewolves and in the third instalment, “Eclipse”, Bella must choose betw…